Who We Are?

Massage Therapy

Who Are we?

The Body Wellness Clinic is headed up by Matthew who is highly qualified and very passionate about massage therapy.

As well as being a qualified massage therapist, Matthew is also a qualified personal trainer. With combining his knowledge of massage therapy, anatomy, physiology and personal training. Matthew can work with you to construct a treatment plan tailored just for you!

Matthews love for health and fitness started when he suffered a blood clot in his brain at the age of just sixteen. As a result of this blood clot, his optic nerve was badly damaged which lead to him losing his sight.

Despite Matthew becoming severely sight impaired, he began lifting weights to build muscle and to lose some body fat that he had piled on due to losing his sight and a lack of activity.

Matthew began to look for a gym to join in the local area and stumbled across Eddie Abbew’s Olympian gym.
The staff at the gym constructed him a meal plan, which lead to Matthew losing upwards of 55kg. Following on from here, this is where Matthew decided that he wanted to become a qualified personal trainer. So that he could help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Where did Matthew study?

Matthew moved away to a specialist college for the blind, called The Royal National College for the blind. During his first year at the college Matthew was training as a personal trainer, he was also playing blind sports such as goalball and B1 football. While Matthew played these blind sports he played along side the B1 England football squad, also the men’s and women’s goalball GB squads.

While playing both sports Matthew suffered a couple of injuries and received Sports massage by the student therapists. Before this Matthew had never experienced any type of massage and became interested in learning more about massage therapy.

After completing his first year and qualifying as a personal trainer Matthew decided to study for one more year at The Royal National College for the blind, where he studied various massage therapies.

For the first six months of the course Matthew studied Holistic massage, Aroma therapy and on-site chair massage gaining lots of knowledge and experience.

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He then went onto doing a day course in Lava shell massage, then began to study Sports massage and Indian head massage.

Nevertheless, Matthew completed his exams and gained Distinction grades throughout all of his exams. Knowing that Matthew achieved high grades throughout his massage qualifications, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and that you will receive a very high quality treatment.

It’s great being massaged by someone with a lot of knowledge and experience along with high grades, but adding a visual impairment into the equation adds a whole new experience. As undeniably this gives Matthew a greater sense of touch, which means he can feel problems with your body that the average massage therapist cannot.

Do you suffer with debilitating pain?

Well Matthew has been there, please read below to find out Matthews experience with pain and injury.

Matthew has personally experienced debilitating pain and would love to help get you pain free.

Around five years ago he injured three inter-vertebral discs in his lower back, as a result of this injury he suffered with severe sciatic pain for nine months. Because of this Matthew had to train around this injury when lifting weights in the gym, as a result he has learned how to prevent aggravating the old injury while strengthening the muscles in the area.

He has also suffered a severe ligament tear in his right ankle while playing goal-ball, unfortunately this injury has prevented Matthew from continuing to train and play competitive goal-ball. But above all, together you and Matthew can work to construct a treatment plan that will keep you fighting fit.

He can also help you modify your training so that you can continue training while injured. Unquestionably this is very important, as movement is medicine and without it, injuries will not heal.

massage therapy treatments

The Body Wellness Clinic offer a wide range of therapies to accompany our offer of wellness, these include:

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At The Body Wellness Clinic we take pride in our approach to helping you

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Are we qualified?

Matthew has achieved the following High quality and respected industry qualifications, which support his in depth knowledge and experience when it comes to treating people.

Rest assured your in safe hands.

“Professional Member of the CThA

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