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Deep Tissue Massage

To experience our high-quality Deep Tissue massage, come and visit us at our clinic based in Aston House in Queensway Hemel Hempstead.

The Body Wellness Clinic take an holistic approach to our Deep Tissue Massage and other treatments.
We believe massage therapy is more than just treating the muscular skeletal system.

During a treatment we will treat your mind, body and spirit as a whole. This is because a lot of our aches and pains are due to trauma and stress caused by the challenges of life.
Therefore needs releasing to improve your ability to relax, decrease blood pressure, improve breathing quality and much more

What is deep tissue Massage?

With our deep tissue therapeutic massage, we aim to work on the deeper layers of muscles to lengthen tight muscles, break down adhesions and knots to restore mobility and improve range of motion. This can help with managing pain, neck and upper back stiffness and tension, back pain, aching leg muscles, sciatica, tension headaches, reducing blood pressure and improving circulation and much more.

Deep tissue massage at The Body Wellness Clinic uses a combination of Swedish massage techniques with deeper, slower techniques while concentrating on areas affected by muscular tension, aches and pains and disfunction.

This reduces muscular tension and stiffness throughout the body, it is highly effective if caused by stress, exercise, sport, postural conditions or injuries.
It also helps with areas that have tension such as lower back, shoulders, hands, feet, hips and jaw.

Additionally it is great for preventing and reducing injury occurrence, pain and soreness

Deep tissue massage is great for

Sports Massage Hemel Hempstead The Body Wellness Clinic Massage therapy

Also, deep tissue massage is great for those who take part in sports.
It is a fantastic way to flush waste out of the tissues after sport and exercise, it helps to lengthen muscles, decrease muscle soreness after exercise (delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS).

In addition, it helps to improve sport and exercise performance and prevents injuries.

Deep tissue therapeutic massage works by physically breaking down muscular adhesions and knots.
This will help to reduce and ease pain and restore normal mobility. Keeping you active and injury free, so you can enjoy doing the sports and exercise you so love.


At times, there might be mild discomfort or pain.
At The Body Wellness Clinic we continuously monitor the level of discomfort and pain, to make you feel as relaxed as possible.
Relaxation is key to relieving muscular tension.

There may be some soreness or stiffness the days following a deep tissue massage, but this should only last a couple of days.
To reduce soreness and stiffness post treatment, you should drink plenty of water and keep active to get blood flowing around the muscles


You can upgrade to CBD or Magnesium oil for an extra £9.99

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You might decide one of our other treatments are more appropriate, such as relaxation massage, holistic massage, Indian Head massage or Sports massage, whatever you choose we will tailor the treatment to your needs.

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