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frequently asked questions

At The Body Wellness Clinic our clients come first, so we have have put our most frequently asked massage questions together.  As we know that there are frequently some questions that need answering before hand. 
We understand that attending a treatment can sometimes be rather daunting. So please find a list of our most frequently asked questions which may help to put your mind at ease.

However, should you need any further information, wish to discuss a particular treatment plan or wish to chat to Matthew before booking a session, then please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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Do I have to take part in a sport to have sports massage?

No not at all, anyone can have sports massage. It just involves using more specialist techniques and applying more pressure to the area in treatment.


I am looking for a relaxing massage and want to be fully clothed, what treatment is best for me? 

Should you wish to be fully clothed, we would nonetheless recommend you choose an Indian Head Massage. This treatment focuses on the upper back, the arms, neck, head and face. Its aim is to reduce stress and balance out the body.


I would like a relaxing full body massage, what would be best? 

We would recommend a full body Holistic Massage accompanied by Aromatherapy oils, this will allow your whole body to feel relaxed and refreshed. Not to mention that your mind and senses will also appreciate the use of oils.


I am looking for a relaxing back and neck massage, what would be best? 

Should you wish to relax your back and neck we would nevertheless recommend a lava shell back massage.
During this treatment we use heated tiger clam shells to improve your experience and ultimately leave you feeling relaxed and balanced.

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